What if you want as home a Dome?

Geodesic domes. They are an alternative beyond housing.
Today they have various uses, they became popular for their brilliant aesthetics, their strength, and their behavior in nature. They are also more present today because, in general, we have more tools and mobility to build them, the knowledge is already there. Tents for events, wineries of all kinds, #AlternativeHousing instead of industrialized housing, ornamentation. I would dare to say that everything you want to do, if it is in a dome is better. It seems that in them we discover something, we just don’t know what it is yet.

And so they grew up in bio-construction, in a simple and vital fact, looking for a better place to live. For ourselves, our children, the grandchildren, and the great-grandchildren we may not meet. We are only looking for a way to improve what we already have, in this we can learn more, living it, feeling it, playing it, needing it.

Today we are in a vital project for man, to prevent our world from exploding.

And we are for the first time in a long time ready to change not only the way we think but also the way we live and act.
I have lived in a Dome for 10 years, I have built many, the contact with nature is very special. If the windows are well-positioned and the insulation systems are correct, they have the shelter of the home, but as if you were outdoors.


The light begins with dawn. And at night, when everything goes out, the stars are with you. Sometimes looking at the moon, sometimes the trees, appreciating the clouds through the drops when it rains and they bathe it. It is a nest that gives you shelter and keeps you in contact.
You can start with a scale model for your pet, it will be a good home for it, and you will have it there making contact with you, showing you that you can if you want to. You can also make one for yourself.
Among the dome tools, there are 2 basic pages to calculate them, I leave the links below, and one example of what you can find on YouTube, as many tutorials on cuts and assembly.

Looking for a Domotoy?.

And one of bamboo dome construction from our friend Lucas Zapico:

With them, you can start the road … A hug.

About the author: Andres Torres
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