About us

Welcome to our eclectic team at ViviendasAlternativas! From transforming apartments with Andrés and Paola’s expert painting services to navigating the world of innovation consultancy with Paola, and exploring the realm of art with Lexy, we’re here to bring creativity and inspiration into your life. Connected across borders with friends in Chile and Germany, we’re ready to help you discover new possibilities and make your space truly remarkable.

Handyman & Reinigirl

Meet Andrés and Paola, the dynamic duo behind Handyman & Reinigirl! With over ten years of experience in Chile as a construction manager for building geodesic domes as residential homes, Andrés brings invaluable expertise to every project. Prior to this, Andrés earned his degree as a teacher in education in Chile, further enriching his skill set. Together with Paola, who juggles her role as a student working towards her PhD in economics with a specialization in innovation management, they breathe life into your living spaces with their expert painting services. With Paola’s keen eye for innovation and Andrés’s meticulous craftsmanship, they ensure every brushstroke counts.

Palta Innovation Lab

Innovation consultancy: Say hello to Paola, our innovation enthusiast! When she’s not busy painting apartments with Andrés, she’s diving deep into the world of innovation consultancy. Currently pursuing her PhD in economics, Paola specializes in assessing the innovation level in firms, helping them navigate the ever-changing landscape of business. With her expertise, she guides firms towards growth and success.


Unique Artdeco pieces: Introducing Lexy, the creative soul behind our Artdeco section! Known by her artistic alias, Lexy (real name Sofia), is passionate about sharing her love for art with the world. From her own art pieces to curated Artdeco objects, Lexy believes in the power of art to inspire and elevate spaces. With an open-minded approach to creativity, Lexy invites you to explore the world of art without boundaries.