Why is important to design your own solar dehydrator?.

Classroom – Workshop. Design YOUR solar dehydrator.
Did you know what passive technologies are?
They are technologies that do not require an external energy source to perform their task. for example, if you take advantage of an updraft of hot air if you use a motor to circulate it you are using passive technology.
This is the principle of operation of solar dehydrators.
At permaculture, we try to use this kind of principle to design and self-manufactured our products and artifacts.

📆 Thursday, August 12, 2021
URU | ARG | BRA: 6 p.m.
CHI | BOL | PAR | VEN | DOM: 5 p.m.
ECU | PER | COL | PAN | MEX: 4 p.m.

👉 From the everyday life of the home, we will be able to collaborate with the food cycle and so that we always have the necessary and healthy food for the family on our table.
We have already been working on the garden, composting, vermicomposting and it seemed to us to add an important tool and task to collaborate in this transition.
In this classroom workshop, we will learn what a solar dehydrator is and how it works, what foods to dehydrate, or for the family or for your business. Through the design tool, we will work on the one that suits your need.
Dehydrated foods retain their nutrients for a long time, the dehydrator is another easy tool to make and use for the path to food sovereignty at home or as a business.

🌿Why dehydrate?
🌿Ancestrality of the dehydrated person
🌿Food options to dehydrate

🌿Power of dehydrated food:
🌿Nutritional aspects


🌿 1- We investigate.

🌿 2- We observe and define the appropriate characteristics.

We are wondering:

What am I going to dehydrate?
Which shape has?
How much volume does a tray occupy?
How long should that tray be?
What materials can I use?

🌿 3 – Solar dehydrator design.

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