Did you know the history of Geodesic domes?

Here is what I have found after some years of research on this topic. Of course, there is a lot more information about geodesic domes. But the best way I found to show it is this digital book.

Some true facts:

  1. Not only Plato and Pythagoras have spoken about domes, but also there are documents from Da Vinci and Kepler.
  2. There are two first patented geodesic domes. By Bauersfeld and Fuller.
  3. Germany registered the first geodesic dome and still exist in the city of Jena
  4. Lloyd Kahn played an important role in spreading the word related to DIY domes in his “Domebook”.
  5. Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen decided to create in 2012- a deconstructed, geodesic dome using locally sourced and recycled wood.

Enjoy it!

English version:

Versión en español

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@peepso_user_76(Omid Hajishirmohammadi)
Thank you to share the summary,
For almost 100 years no change in the geometric patterns!
There are incredible potential to use geometry in the construction sector.
@peepso_user_1(Paola Landaeta)
Yes, I really think so, there is so much potential on this. All the best!