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Viviendas alternativas

We are a social network focused on the development of green buildings.

Our focus is on the need to finance social projects linked to sustainable construction.

Our way of doing it and being a community characterizes us.

We aim to be

  • A meeting point between Latin American and European communities
  • A direct contact with bio-builders and work networks with a self-sustaining approach
  • A source of information on workshops and activities related to alternative housing .

Contact and more information

The website has the mission of bringing together people interested in sustainability, innovation, and technology.

It is a non-profit organization that depends on all its members to exist. We just need [Ko-fi] for management support and are implementing direct links to PayPal for subscribers who want. For free.

Help us to help

If you want to help us, you can contribute. For example with a [Ko-fi] (3 dollars or its equivalent in your country’s currency).

You can also help us with your professional skills as a volunteer. And by adding more information to carry out this beautiful project. We will add you to our contributors’ podium as a place of honor and you become part of the team.

If you really want to contribute with what you can, just communicate directly with @andres or @plandaeta.

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