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Why do we insist on building with Adobe?

Manual para la construcción de una estufa Rocket

Adobe houses are the most common on Earth, and surely the oldest as well.
We have incorporated earthquake-resistant elements and popularized their construction methods. They have certainly improved, but why do we insist on building with raw earth?
In some countries it is forbidden, however, secretly some still do them …
For someone like me who comes from working with pure and hard concrete, the first time I worked with clay there were many surprises. One of them is that the skin is very soft !! Makes you want to kick off your shoes and jump into the muddy pool.
The construction with mud is a party, you can even throw a ball of mud at the person in charge of the work (if there is one) and nobody would be scared by it. The work environment in bio-construction is different from the common one in construction. I’m not sure why, but I certainly know that it is an experience that everyone should have.
I will not talk about the thousands of properties and reasons why you prefer a clay house, but I will encourage you to start your journey through the mud by creating homemade artifacts, such as an oven or a stove. If it is not useful for your own houses, let it be useful for your neighborhood meeting, or for a family member. Just search the internet for the model you want and carry it out, it will cleanse your soul, lol. Also look for the information to build rocket stoves, because combined with an adobe house they are fabulous …

  • Download: Manual para la construcción de estufa rocket. Gobierno de Santa Fe. Secretaría de Estado de la Energía. Argentina. Free distribution. Click on image.
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