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What can I do here?

Welcome to the Community.

You have registered and now what?

Here is a basic glossary of what you can do on your site.

Your role as a member, helps you to start public conversations. And also to make yourself known as part of the Community according to how you want to contribute.

In “My wall” you can write your own reflections, what you think or ask, you can also make announcements to inform everyone of your events, describe the services you offer or activities you are doing. And also react to the comments and or publications of other users.

In the “Community Chat”, all the public conversations that all users have made are displayed, so you find out about the daily life of the Community. You can interact freely with the other members with respect and according to the rules of the community.

Finally, since you are part of the Community, you can dedicate yourself to giving and receiving contributions in money to different projects, giving and receiving contributions in work as a volunteer or project owner, and also giving and receiving knowledge, through workshops and teachings that you can transmit to the rest of your Community through your publications.

All above is for free, although we are always happy to receive a coffee to keep us energized;).

Find your space, the one you choose will be welcome!

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