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We are a growing community, together we create and develop it. We want true participation and reciprocity so we propose a constant “Give and receive”.

The idea that things are free does not respond to the dignity of people. Those who seek to learn, execute or contribute in some way can benefit themselves as part of a system and at the same time to their community. That represents a change at a conscious level.

We are looking for volunteers for the Beta version of the site, the positions (roles) offered are the following:

  • Sponsor, your contribution allows you to add your logo or your company on the website main page, we will help you with some tips to generate resources and contribute money or species to the project of your choice.
  • Project owners, whether you have a piece of land to build your future home and you don’t know how, or you are looking to carry out a dream shared with your Community, you are willing to receive and serve volunteers who contribute labor to your project in exchange for a wonderful experience, you can register and also publish about your project, or write to me to add you on our projects section.
  • Volunteers, do you want to visit another country, another city? Know other realities. Contribute and live as a volunteer, with a good roof and food and an unforgettable experience,? register your countries of interest and find your ideal project to visit after Covid-19 decreases
  • Reporters, true experts in navigating the web to tell us the latest news in materials, techniques, trends, everything related to alternative housing, and much more, learn, debate, and accompany our day with their explanations, photos, and links, they are experts in using their blog to dazzle us with their latest knowledge
  • “Talleristas“, experts in the field, offering their help online or offline independently or as a contribution to the community, everyone is welcome to continue cultivating learning and spreading knowledge
  • Students, we are all curious about the world around us and anxious to improve our environment, a student asks and thanks. When he finally becomes an expert, he returns his or her hand by transferring his or her knowledge to others and contributing in all the ways they can

To take a position, you should consider the following:

  • You must be registered on the site and navigate, note the errors you experience or the things that should improve
  • You can have more than one role, but your activity will finally define your trend
  • The misuse of the publications, whether in terms of violence or not in accordance with the principles of the Community, may imply the elimination of your user account.

If you register during the Beta period: May 18 to December 31, 2020, you will get 6 months of free access to our private library, after that, we will talk about drinking a coffee / its equivalent in the currency of your country / any other contribution that you want to make so that together we can continue to grow.

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