How to build wooden domes? – 1 – Calculators

When we started investigating domes, we realized 2 things

  • Calculations for the measurements of a dome are not simple.
  • Resources to obtain the knowledge, in 2009, were quite scarce, almost null in Latin America.

As time went by, we came across 2 tools that became well known a few years later and have come to solve the problem of calculations for dome measurements in an excellent way.
Although there are more than just these two at the moment. We believe they are by far the best in terms of accuracy and design, as we have tested them and know they work:

acidome versus desertdomes


It was the first page we found at that time, it has 2 main tools to calculate the measurements of various types of domes. The questions and answers section, also notes the measurements of the interior angles of each triangle.

The limitations are the visualization and the unclear information in some aspects such as the angles. An advantage is that the lengths are clearly delivered and you can also do the reverse exercise of adding a side and obtaining the diameter of the dome that would come out from that measurement.

A work of art, considering the number of informative functions that this page offers. Very easy to use, it contains the measurements of both the side and vertical pieces of wood. They request a donation that, after knowing how useful is their site, you will want to make.


Geo-dome: Paul, the author, has videotaped many of his creations and that is why it is worth mentioning, he has plans of many domes and systems for the construction of doors and windows that you can enjoy on his site and also on YouTube.

Do you know some better websites than these? tell us in the comments!

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