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Fast Break Robotics

  1. Fast Break Robotics is another company that is in the front of innovation. They developed Hadrian X, it can build a living place in just 3 days. Hadrian X is a robot mounted on a truck that builds using concrete bricks and positionate them according to the house’s preloaded blueprint on the same land. The bricks are loaded in the machine to cover 30m of application and are transported by a telescopic arm. The special adhesive that it uses, requires just 45 minutes of drying time. The machine also has as a characteristic, a technology of dynamic stabilization that reacts to the wind, vibrations and other environmental factors in an instant form to keep it’s precision levels.

It can put 1000 bricks for an hour, it is the same amount that would take a whole day with traditional technics of construction, without the need of taking breaks. It is not yet commercially available.


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