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Would you live in a 3d printed house? -7

Following the series: Would you live in a 3d printed house? the last but not least is:


6. Icon is a startup from Austin, Texas, United States. They have the idea of revolutionizing the market of the economic house. Its 3D printing technology is capable of printing Tiny houses in a fraction of time and cost in comparison to the traditional construction methods. Its first model, Icon Vulcan II is already being commercialized and it is designed to produce individual houses in a quick and economic way. The special concrete mixture that they use was named by the company as “Lava Creek”, it adapts to the different weather and locations, allowing a quick printing of beautiful living places, adequating structurally and at a low cost. They are also working with social non-profit organizations. For example, in Latinamerica Icon is working to build a community of 50 homes for families that are actually living in extreme poverty. Icon’s mission is to deliver accessible, resilient, and dignifying living places around the world.


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