Digital Download: Domotoy Puzzle 3d 40 triangles STL

Play is learning!. With a geodesic dome, you internalize the concepts of the construction and then build it without risks.
The first stage of understanding is essential, that’s why we want you to learn how to build your future home through this toy and have fun.
It’s a scaled model (1:10) based on a 4 meters diameter wooden geodesic dome.
High: 20 centimeters. Long (diameter): 40 centimeters.
You can print it out as a digital model or ask for your 3d print using aleatory colors. (visit the product in our Shop)

After many years of building real geodesic domes for homes, we are convinced that this toy it’s the easiest way to know how to assemble your future dome.


Digital Download:

  • 5 STL files
  • Geometric detail of each piece
  • Cut angles for miter saw and lengths to build a 2-meter radius dome.
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